What is Ideamark?

The aim of Ideamark is to become the truly complete, neutral, and democratized digital marketplace for all creative ideas. There are a lot of niche digital marketplaces that cater to very specific types of digital products, but none that allow buyers and sellers to find and sell any kind of digital product.

Who is Ideamark For?

Any creative person who’s ever created a piece of digital work that would like to sell and share it with others with ease and without all the red tape. Ideamark is for independent filmmakers, musicians, video game developers, software developers, book authors, movie script writers, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, web designers, programmers, and everyone else who’s ever created a digital product or service, that may not even have a place to promote their work yet, because it hasn’t been invented yet. That’s why we think the Other category might be the most important one. Because no digital creator should come to Ideamark and leave feeling we don’t offer a spot for their kind of work, because we’re the first, one, and only digital marketplace, who finally has removed that limit. More on that below.

What items do you accept?

As long as it’s legal in the United States, is a digital product or service (requiring no physical shipping), and you’re an independent creator or freelance service provider selling your work or services directly (as directly as possible anyways), we’re happy to include it. Yes, when we say legal in the US, that includes content for mature audiences too. No rigorous, judgmental, or subjective review process required before your items are accepted.

How does it work?

In the ways we’re striving to be different from other digital marketplaces, this is probably the most important:

  • We do not host your items.
  • We do not collect payment for your items.
  • We do not deliver your items.
  • We do not impose licensing rules for your items.
  • We do not provide support or refunds to your customers for your items.
  • We are a non-exclusive marketplace.
  • We only charge a one-time fee to list your items, opposed to taking a 50% cut of all your profits forever, like most marketplaces.

In other words, we’re the middleman that gets the hell out of the way. Your next thought might then be: why do I need a middleman at all? Outside of building and running your own servers, starting your own credit card company, your own bank, creating your own currency, etc., technically, there are many unavoidable middlemen that you already must deal with. If you simply want to promote your work on your website alone, we entirely respect that, that’s the entire spirit of this project to begin with.

However, by doing so, you’re probably missing out on a lot of potential new fans. Generally, the only people that are going to go to your website in the first place, are those that are already fans or have otherwise heard about your work through word-of-mouth. What Ideamark is all about, is new discovery. It’s all about bringing all the creative digital products out there into one, unified, searchable place, allowing for your stuff to be discovered by new people. That is essentially the benefit of listing your items on any marketplace, only we’re trying to cut out the parts that aren’t to your benefit.

The process to submit a product, service, or gig is very simple:

  1. Visit the Submit page.
  2. Begin the submission process by selecting Product (one-time $10 fee for a lifetime listing), Service (free for a lifetime listing), or Gig (one-time $30 fee for a 30-day listing) and making payment.
  3. After payment, you’ll then be directed to the form to fill out the details for your item.
  4. If everything checks out, your listing will be live within 24 hours.

If you don’t host my items, how do I sell them? Does this mean I need my own website to sell my digital creations?

No. While creating your own website is certainly a good idea, it’s not necessary to get started. There are a lot of great services out there that allow independent creators to sell their own work, services that aren’t marketplaces in which take a cut of all your sales.

We’ve researched all the most popular payment gateways, shopping carts, plugins, and other solutions to sell digital items, and we highly recommend using Sellwire, which is hands-down the best solution to sell digital products. You can host one product with them for free, and with fixed monthly pricing if you sell multiple items (again, no handing over a cut for every single sale).

Sellwire allows you to sell via PayPal and Stripe, manage versions, allows your customers to download the latest versions, or even provide your customers with automatic updates (depending on the type of product), and more.